A few words from our clients

Our goal is to provide products that will keep our clients happy. We are pleased to hear any feedback they have for us. Drop in yours too!

Projection Dry Erase Whiteboard


Excellent product for writing. Highly recommend to buy.

Mary Ann

Magnetic Surface


Amazing! My magnet can stick on the wall now. No need to be in the kitchen.

David Smith

Whiteboard Cleanser


Wow! Amazing! It can even clean the old stain on my dry erase board. It is much better than other brands. It is not alcohol, so my house won’t burn. ?


Projection Dry Erase Surface


I just stick over my old fridge, now I can write what kind of food that I am going to buy.

Dickson Smith

Kokuyo Marker Pen


Easy to replace the refill. It’s worth buying.


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